The Only Blockchain as a
Utility Platform

BlockCerts is doing to Fee Based Software and
Banking Services what Uber did to Taxis

The only software and blockchain platform with the most important day to day business tools, completely license fee free.

Built on BlockCerts Blockchain to containerize, distribute, connect and authenticate with every touch and transaction.
BlockCerts blockchain and container technology and ensures the Identity, security of data to every person holding a private key.

Own Your Software & Data

Blockchain Proof of Authentication Utilities

How did we connect the world, without a software company controlling your data and tools in the middle?

First, we invented and patented SVST

Then we put the tools and data into containers and store encrypted data with IPFS

Deliver these on BlockCerts blockchain to Authenticate and connect everything

Containerized Secure Virtual Space Technology Patented Seamless, cryptographic
secure technology – Ready to use, license fee free

Smart, Secure, Tracked:

  • People and products authentication

  • Contracts to payments

  • Source to shopping carts to product source

BCERTin Application Tools and Tokens

The APIs + Containers that Change Everything





BCERTin Tokens - The Transportation Tools of


Connections are only important when the fusion

between the function of the tools meet the needs of

the users.

BCERTin Tokens operate to transport all of the smart

data created from users to move from tool to tool,

and function to function, transporting value that

ends in an authentication, a log and a completed

smart contract, purchase and/or payments.

All of this happens when single BCERTin Tokens

move by the millions, and fuses together the hashes

of data that create the blocks on the BlockCerts

Blockchain - to create the full distributed immutable

critical record.