Our Team


Tim Vasko

Founder, & Director, CEO BlockCerts International, Finaeos, Inc., Credence Code Technologies, Inc. Professor, Patented Inventor, Chief Applied Technology Architect, MBA, MIT Fintech Certified

Robert Gerrard

Director and President Credence Code Technologies, Inc. and Finaeos Inc.Serial entrepreneur, start-up innovator and expertise in Financial Lending.

Dan Gay

Chief Marketing Officer, BlockCerts International

Andrew Stewart

Finaeos, Inc. and Credence Code Technologies Inc. Vice President, Customer Engagement

Bob Griffin

Chief Revenue Officer, BlockCerts International

Dr. Peter Peng

B.Sc Distinction, M.Eds, Ph.D Chief Technical Engineer

Greg Kular

International Business Development
Blockcerts International


Deb Hubers

President EpigeneticsRX & eHealthGlobal, Ltd. Channel Partner – Ehealth Global

Renato Lebron

Copaeous Inc. Channel Partner    Veteran of the Culinary and Liquor Industry in Nevada and California

Rick Golden

Copaeous Inc.
Channel Partner
Veteran of Real Estate brokerage, development and investment in Nevada, New Mexico and California


Mitchell Posin

Copaeous Inc.
Channel Partner
Expert in Administrative Law and Business Litigation

Jim Leung

Jim Leung

Channel Partner

British Columbia Entrepreneur, Marketing & Distribution 

Dr. Zeid

Dr. Z. Mohamedali

Chief Medical Innovations Officer

eHealth Global – BlockCerts Emerging Health Care Models and Technology